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LED masks, the stars’ favorite anti-aging accessory before a red carpet.

Hollywood’s most glowy faces swear by LED masks to glow on the red carpet. Experts tell us about the many benefits of light therapy for the skin. Luminous objects with a futuristic look have invaded social networks. The numerous selfies of celebrities wearing LED light masks (like Kourtney Kardashian, Jessica Alba, Chrissy Teigen or even […]

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Sienna Miller’s Portrait

Sienna Miller has a cold. “I’m disgusting, excuse me,” she says, blowing her nose in a paper towel and repressing a laugh. “That’s what a damn press conference tour looks like. “We’re sitting in a French restaurant in New York City, and despite her illness, I think she looks good in her cream sweater, baggy […]

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When Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner promote us on their instagram stories

KARDASHIAN AND KYLIE JENNER PROMOTE US ON THEIR INSTAGRAM STORIES, THEY TALKED ABOUT OUR BIO COLLAGEN GLOSS. THE LINK IS : Dubaï Secret Beauty #3 : Collagen Gloss Lip | Cara Nostra What can we say ? Except a big thank you to them.

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Lifestyle avec Natalie Portman – Interview

La French Touch selon Nata­lie Port­man L’actrice améri­caine, égérie du nouveau Rouge Dior Brillant, incarne avec perfec­tion l’élégance à la française. Entre deux films, elle nous a accordé un petit quart d’heure – rapide mais condensé ! – où elle se livre en beauté. Rencontre. Vous souve­nez-vous de votre tout premier rouge à lèvres ? Nata­lie Port­man […]

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