Charlotte OC on her new single

Charlotte OC on her new single

Dear Charlotte, thanks for your time! You said it has been a pretty interesting year for you and that a lot has changed. What were those main changes?

A lot of the things that were in my life around the time of last year suddenly changed and weren’t there anymore and there is something about change that is utterly petrifying but also so liberating as time goes on. That moment of change really fueled this EP.

Did you feel a lot of pressure after your last years´ successful debut album “Careless People” to create new songs or you are very relaxed when it comes to writing new songs and progressing as an artist not thinking about the reaction of others?

I think this was the first time I’d felt totally and utterly relaxed during the creative process. I’ve spent years worrying about what people thought or what everybody else was doing but this time felt different and I think I owe that logic and the band New Order. I’d never really got into production before but after my year of “change” a very dear friend of mine told me wipe my tears, open up my laptop and start being the artist I wanna be.

I found it really hard to start with but what changed it was when I started listening to one of my favourite songs by New Order called “Blue Monday” and suddenly I thought I’d love to cover this; Before I knew it I was building a track . I listened back to it and realised I loved all the elements I’d put in. I then moved onto a track I’d written called ‘This Pain’ which I had recorded on guitar and added all the same sounds over it and then I was “ FUCK ! That’s a bit of me right there!” From that moment on I knew where I was going and everything else fell into place sonically.

I loved how you described your inspiration for choosing the debut album title so I am very curious to hear what inspired you for Satellite. What is the song about? And how did you chose the title?

The song title came from a vinyl I saw in the studio whilst I was writing the song called ‘Sleeping Satellite’ by Tasmin Archer but the song is about reading somebody’s body language or even certain things they say and piecing it all together yourself and realising that something isn’t quite right. I wrote it for somebody to let them know I knew what was going on but also I wrote it for myself as I needed to get my head around it as well.

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