3 Led Light Mask – Even Kourtney Kardashian recommends it !!!


The new beauty & hype accessory to have at home !!!

Which Color should I use ?

Red Light :
1. Whitening your skin and reduce fine lines.
2. Shrinking your pores and smooth your skin.
3. Improve problem skin and repairs blemished skin.

Blue Light :
1. Smooth skin, rejuvenates sensitive skin.
2. Increase skin elasticity, firming your skin.
3. For tender, dark, uneven color, wrinkles, rough pores, dry, dull and loose facial skin.

Yellow Light :
1. Restores the balance of sensitive skin.
2. Increase skin elasticity, tighten skin.


We would like to thank Kourtney Kardashian and other Ambassadors for buying our Led Light Mask and for talking about it on his different networks :

Exclus uniquement pour la France ;-)

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