Slimming Massage Device – 6 speeds


Using Instruction:

1) Press the ON/ OFF button (in the middle) to turn on the device.

2) Users can adjust “heat”(the left button) and “negative pressure and attraction”(the right button) by pressing the exact button.

3) After pressing “heat” button, shift up for higher temperature.

4) There are gears of “attraction” for selection, shift up for stronger attraction.

5) After finishing guasha massage, press the ON/OFF and unplug the power cord.

6) Clean the device, and place it in somewhere safe.


Beauty Note:

1) Neck : massage top-down. Frequent massage of neck is helpful for preventing illness.
2) Back : massage top-down for dredging.
3) Upper limbs : massage top-down for dredging.
4) Lower limbs : massage top-down for dredging.
5) Foot sole : massage from the heel for toes.
6) Abdomen : massage top-down for dredging, or in circular motions.
7) Leg : massage top-down for dredging. Beneficial for molding leg shape, eliminating edema, and moisturizing leg skin.


【Efficient Pressure & Suction】Negative pressure and suction conduct aerobic exercise on skin and adipose tissue for efficient flat remover.
【6 Gears】6 gears suction and temperature adjusted, this guasha tool is widely applicable for people with different needs.
【Multiple Functions】This device can be used for cupping, massaging, guasha, weight loss, and more. It can be used for all body parts, helping in shaping your arms, legs, and lower abdomen.
【Easy Operation】Rechargeable design makes this massager cordless for using, separated buttons for convenient operation, in mini size, this device can be carried along for enjoyment and relaxation anywhere and anytime.
【Upgraded Technology】8 magnets, red light, hot compress massage, and magnetic wave resonance together make body massager, guasha, and cupping more efficient.

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