The work of Los Angeles based photographer Meg Remien

What moment made you fall in love with photography?

I fell in love with photography as a kid. My mom was not a professional but she always played with photography as a hobby. Our “quick” hikes would last for hours because she wanted to take photos of ever flower on the trail. She inspired me to pursue my dreams and I have loved photography ever since.

Describe your work in 1 sentence:

My work is a reflection of the beauty I see in every person.

Which camera(s) do you use? And why do you love film photography so much?

For film photography I use a Canon AV-1 and crappy point and shoot and for digital I use a Nikon D7100. The reason I love film is because it feels like Christmas every time you process a roll. What you may have imagined in your head can come out very differently than what you intended (sometimes for the better and sometimes not) but it is always an experiment in lighting, subject matter and color. I never edit my film posts as I also appreciate the raw, gritty quality of film.

Is cost (film, developing) a factor for you?

Of course cost is a factor with film but I believe it is worth it in the end for the quality and excitement of the results.

With which do you prefer to work? Black and white or color?

I always prefer color to black and white. Film can give colors such an amazing tone and I feel that I would miss it if that palette was gone.

What are three things you value most about a person?

The three most important things I look for in people are creativity, loyalty and passion.

Do you fall in love quickly?

I fall in love all the time – with people, with new cities and with every dog I meet.

What was the last photo you took with your phone? 

The last photo I took on my phone was of Zoe Meier of Scout Modeling Agency. She’s a stunner

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